Many falsehoods have been spread regarding the government run health care plan. This is not a case of the government making your health care decisions, rather itís a single payer plan. This means you have one premium, and you donít lose your coverage if you switch jobs.
The current plan is not working. All of the other major industrialized economies have government health care plans, and the average cost of those plans is half of what it costs in the United States. Our current plan of having business cover the premiums has resulted in bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler. There are 45 million Americans without insurance,which has probably doubled in this economy.
Without insurance, the only option for Americans is to rely on an emergency room. What miracle do we expect the emergency room to treat a heart attack, that might have been prevented, if only the patient had insurance, and could have had preventative care? And the patient is probably unable to pay the exorbitant bill, so this gets rolled up into Ďgeneral hospital expenseí.
It may be great that we have the best medical treatment in the world, but frankly, we canít afford it. We have legions of bureaucrats that challenge doctors on treatments . They are searching for existing conditions, so they can deny coverage. Letís get a government plan going, so that the medical industry can get back to practicing medicine. We need this for the economy , and compete with the rest of the world.

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